Boing Kit

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Boing Kit Manual

Juice up your games by adding bouncy VFX!

Various VFX Options

  • Boing Behavior: Just add component, and game objects immediately become bouncy!
  • Boing Effector & Reactor: Reactors react to effectors in a bouncy fashion.
  • Boing Reactor Field: Reactor fields bring reactor effects to a whole different scale. Bounce an entire massive grass field using bombs and characters! Now with the propagation effect update (v1.1)!
  • Bouncy Bones: Turn skeletal bones or transform hierarchies into bouncy awesomness (v1.2)!


  • Reactor fields run on GPU using compute shaders (with CPU fallback option).
  • For Unity 2018.1 or newer, Boing Kit utilizes Unity’s job systems to perform calculations in parallel across CPU cores.

Easy to Learn

  • Abundant examples.
  • Full source code.