MudBun Trial Version

Hello, Fellow Game Devs

The trial version of MudBun is intended for compatibility and rough performance checks. It is built from a much older version and is not up to date with the latest full version in terms of features and bug fixes.

Download MudBun Trial Version 0.9.11f


  • Watermark.
  • Limited voxel density & triangle count for mesh utilities.
  • No full source code.
  • No commercial use.

Importing The Package & Building Executables

When updating from older versions of MudBun, DELETE the entire MudBun folder before re-importing from a newer package. File structures might have changed, and directly re-importing a new package on top of an existing one could cause unexpected issues. Also, there are folders specific to render pipelines: Built-In RP, URP, and HDRP. They exist in the folders MudBun/Examples and MudBun/Shader/Render. Only import the folders that are specific to the current render pipeline and leave out the rest. It wouldn’t matter in play mode in editor, but can cause errors when building executables. DO NOTE move the MudBun root folder away from the Assets root folder, as this is a necessary trade-off for not having to force users to place custom shaders in the same folder as MudBun’s built-in shaders.

NOTICE: Compatibility with HDRP 10.0.0+

If HDRP 10.0.0+ is used (Unity 2020.2+ by defualt), a manual import of compatibility packages is required. Compatibility packages are located in the MudBun/Compatibility folder.

NOTICE: Click Selection

Later Unity versions have disabled click selection on invisible gizmos if gizmo drawing is disabled in the Unity editor. In this case, gizmos drawing must be enabled for click selection to work.


There are different examples in each render pipeline‚Äôs example folder. Be sure to check each example’s out under its corresponding render pipeline.