MudBun Open Beta

Hello, Fellow Game Devs

Open beta has ended. Please download the free trial instead.

Welcome to the MudBun open beta! Let’s keep things short. Please read the following notes before proceeding to download the open beta version of MudBun.

Although not required, it is highly encouraged and appreciated that you to come share your awesome work created with MudBun on the Long Bunny Labs Discord server, as well as share on social media with the #MudBun hashtag.

If you encounter any issues with MudBun, or have any questions, comments, or feature requests, please come discuss on our Discord server.

The interface, features, and data format are subject to change, and work created using the beta version might not be compatible with the full release version. However, I will do my best to avoid that.

When upgrading from older versions of MudBun, DELETE the entire MudBun folder before re-importing from a newer package. File structures might have changed, and directly re-importing a new package on top of an existing one could cause unexpected issues.

There are folders specific to render pipelines: Built-In RP, URP, and HDRP. There are one of each under the folders MudBun/Examples and MudBun/Resources/Render. Only import the folders that are specific to the current render pipeline and leave out the rest. It wouldn’t matter in play mode in editor, but it would cause errors when building executables.

Here are the limitations of the open beta version:

  • Watermark in executables.
  • Limited voxel density & triangle count for mesh utilities.
  • No full source code.
  • No commercial use.

That’s it!

I hope you have fun with MudBun open beta.

Known Issues

  • Unity can crash when users alt-tab away as it re-compiles scripts. This is a bug on Unity’s end, as it continues to render scenes using compute buffers that are in the process of being disposed of during the re-compile. A ticket has been submitted to Unity and hopefully this issue can be resolved soon.
  • [Fixed in Upcoming Update] When using the smooth mesh render mode, some “seams” might appear at voxel chunk boundaries. This is due to a bug in the smooth normal generation that’s still being investigated.
  • [Fixed in Upcoming Update] Mesh can disappear if brushes are too far away from center of renderer and center of renderer is not in camera’s view.
  • Distortion & modifier brushes can easily use up a lot of voxels. They are still being optimized.
  • Some users have reported issues running MudBun in Unity on MacBooks.

Change Log

  • Version 0.8.6b
    • Brush groups.
    • Auto-smoothing.
    • Add defines in CustomBrush.cginc to help temporarily reduce compile time for faster iteration.
    • Fix issues with activating/deactivating brush game objects.
    • Asynchronous mesh generation for more efficient run-time mesh locking & collider generation.
    • Procedural renderable locked mesh mode.
  • Version 0.8.5b
    • New render mode: quad splats.
    • New meshing modes: dual quads, surface nets, dual contouring.
    • Normal quantization.
    • Splat jitter: size, color, position, and rotation.
    • Fix splat orientation pop as view direction changes.
    • Fix edit of shared material not triggering re-rendering of affected brushes.
    • Add option in NormalFuncs.cginc to temporarily boost iteration time.
    • Respect scene visibiltiy in editor.
  • Version 0.7.4b
    • Fix objects incorrectly culled from render by bad render bounds.
    • Fix normal seams under smooth mesh render mode.
    • Fish eye distortion brush.
    • New brush material properties: splat size, texture index, and blend tightness.
    • Splat texture blends.
    • Mesh texture blends.
    • New renderer materials: single-textured/multi-textured mesh/splats.
    • Collider generation.
    • Locked mesh generation.
    • Auto-rigging of generated mesh.
    • Add “no-op” operator for brushes that do nothing but act only as bones.
    • Optimize data tranfer from CPU to GPU.
    • Add usage statistics on vertices generated.
    • Automatic upgrade of default renderer materials to current render pipeline.
  • Version 0.6.3b
    • Fix splats not scaling with renderer.
    • Fix missing mesh shadows in built-in RP.
    • Make GPU memory usage update actively, instead of passively on GUI events.